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Videoes on the Product/detail page in Rapido 3.x

Thomas Jensen


The description of how to get videos from eg. YouTube on a product as it is in the following link
is that only valid for Rapido 3.0?

I tryed to get video in on the same product in a demo-site as Jennifer showed in the image,
the demo-site is ver 9.9.0 Rapido 3.4, but that did not work.

I also tryed it on another site ver 9.6.15 Rapido 3.1, and did not work either.

The Products/Blocks/video.cshtml template loopes GetLoop("Details") and looks for "iframe" and ""
and if I TemplateTags that loop, there is nothing in it.

I could imagen that it might had to do with "Deprecate Small, Medium and Large image features" but the demo-site has this checked and the other site do not

Is there a setting I'm missing, for this to work?


/ Thomas


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Thomas

You need to set it up on the product detail page on website settings:


You can see the example if you scroll down on this page:

Thomas Jensen

Hi Nicolai

I was missing the checkboxes (I did not have any checkboxes)

in Settings > ecommerce / Product catalog /Asset categories,
ther were 4 all grayed out (they were missing a name), but ther were no "Video"

Found them in another solution and copied the Video over with the system name and settings

I tried some different layouts, but it still no luck
(have not testet if the loop has content)


In the "site ver 9.6.15 Rapido 3.1" I do not have "Asset categories", does it require or is it a part of PIM?


/ Thomas

Nicolai Pedersen

You need 9.8 and 3.4 for asset categories.

I cannot remember if and how video worked on 3.1...


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