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Rapido 4.0 - Features and concepts

Kim Søjborg Pedersen

Hi every one

I'm very excited about Rapido 4 and can hardly wait.

Does anyone know what to expect in terms of  technology and concepts. I'm just looking for keywords and not a specification. I'm loooking for something I can use to prepare myself and the company.

I found this in a post from Nicolai nov. 2020

"Rapido 3 and Rapiod 4 will be totally different in concept - different design setup - R3 using item types and 1000 checkboxes, R4 using grid builder.

R4 with a different content model - using a new 'unified' concept for content elements. Ecommerce is also setup using visual content builder. Customisations are totally different - just templates with bootstrap 5 markup. No json, no includes, no components, no blocks, no event driven things. Just simple templates and item types."

It sounds really good and I'm especially curious about:

  • Choise of JavaScript library like react?
  • Bootstrap 5 is mentioned, will there be more frontend choices?
  • Will Rapido 4 be a demo shop like 3, or just templates and itemtypes?

If anyone has more information, feel free to add it here

Best Regards


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Kim

We can't wait either.

I will try to give you a bit of insights and share internal roadmap, some screen dumps of the concepts etc.

  • Design and configuration of design
    • In R3 we use checkboxes that affects what happens in templates. In R4 we will use the visual content builder and paragraphs to design i.e. the top, the product list, the product detail etc. Attached a test and proof of concept on how you design the product detail page.
    • Instead of one big template for all of the product detail page, it will consist of small templates - for image control, for descriptions, price, variants etc. Each of these small templates can be replaced or layout can be controlled on the paragraph containing a piece of content.
  • Templates
    • We will use Bootstrap 5 as the framework. Because most frontenders knows this one.
    • We will include no js frameworks. No jquery, no react or anything else. 
    • Async pages like the product lists doing filtering, paging, sorting, searching etc. will use fetch to get the product list. It will be a server side rendering returning markup (and not json) rendered in the razor templates you know on top of the new product catalog for viewmodels. This is so we avoid that you have to use a combination of razor templates and react templates. It is a too steep learning curve. Also it is very difficult to add custom properties to the json feeds etc.
      • Dynamicweb 9.10 will have a full headless api for content and the product catalog and you can implement a full site or a part of it, i.e. the product catalog, using react, vue or whatever using that headless endpoiint. We will not include it in Rapido.
  • Extensibility
    • To extend, you will copy a simple template. I.e. for product description on the product detail page. It will have no includes, no blocks, no nothing. Just rename, make changes, and then only that one place where you change that template, it will be customized.
  • Design
    • The design coming out of Rapido 3 is ok, but not wow-ish. We are not the fanciest people in the world, but our ambition and goal is to deliver a much better off the shelve design.
    • We have a mobile first approach to the implementation
      • You can also seperately design the header and footer for mobile and desktop

Attached find the internal roadmap as well.

Screenshot_2021-01-08_130805.JPG Screenshot_2021-01-08_131238.JPG
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Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi Nicolai,

It looks very promising!

We are looking forward to starting playing with it.

I imagine this is the question you receive very often: What is the schedule for the release of DW 9.10 and Rapido 4.0?

Thank you,

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Adrian

No, I do not get that question often, because it is always the same time of year and it is written on the release page wink.

Dynamicweb releases are always last Tuesday of January and August. You can see the next release date here:

Rapido release will be sometime in the spring. Not date yet. Depends on progress - new people on the team etc.

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi Nicolai,

Understood and marked for future.

Looking forward to 9.10 then and we'll wait a bit for Rapido 4.

Thank you,



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