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let declarations

Peter Leleulya
Peter Leleulya

Hi there,

I was doing some investigation on why our Rapido implementation wasn't showing images on some devices.
It seemed that the b-lazy functionality wasn't working due to javascript errors on the page.
These are caused by the usage of let declarations in the javascript files provided by Dynamicweb.
Let declaration is ECMAscript 2015 and supported by all modern devices.

However, on you state that Rapido has been tested on iPhone 6s.
It seems that iPhone < 7, using the safari browser, including the 6S doen't handle let declarations.

I checked the website using browserstack and the image of the devices is not shown on an iPhone 6S.

My feedback to the client on this issue will be what is stated on the Rapido features page, but the statement about the iPhone6S will probably be their response on it ...


Well ... in our defence ... it says that is is tested on iPhone6S ... not what the outcome was ;)

But perhaps you should upp it to iPhone7 ?

iPhone6S.PNG iPhone7.PNG



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