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Update order with 'shipped quantity'

Davy Capiau


In our project (DW10, SWIFT & NAV '13) we would like to update orderlines with the 'amount shipped'.


1. Order placed on DW

2. Order created in NAV

3. Order partially shipped in NAV

4. Orderline in DW gets updated with 'amount shipped = X"

Possible methods

  • Using custom order line fields
    • ​Pro: easy to create and easier to render frontend
    • Con: harder to make an integration due to different tables
  • ​Using a custom table
    • ​Pro: easier structur in DB
    • Con: Not sure on how to define keys

Does anyone have any experience or good advice?


Davy Capiau

FYI - We will use the live integration and extend the code unit.


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