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Performance and Zero results clearing cache

Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar



Summary: The EcomProvider (as Destination) seems to be clearing the cache even when there are no results to import. This was found in 9.17.2



  • We have many scheduled tasks that run every 5 minutes to get data from the ERP
    • As expected, not every response will have results
  • We use the EcomProvider for the Jobs associated with the tasks
  • The setting "Disable cache clearing" is unchecked so that when data does come, it clears the cache



We seem to have had the cache constantly cleared, even when no data was being imported. Looking into the source code of the EcomProvider:

  • There does not seem to be a check whether records were mapped - so it will clear the cache every time the job runs, regardless if it's needed
  • It also seems to be using deprecated methods such as Ecommerce.Common.Application.KillAll() 
  • We noticed it only because our project has +100.000 Product Groups, so it's a noticeable delay when the data is not retrieved from cache.



Is this by design? Or could the EcomProvider check for the need to clear the cache based on having no results (instead of simply having finished the run). Maybe even check for that in the RunJob() method so a connection to the DB is not even open?


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar



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