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Live Integration extend Cloud BC

Jan Sangill

Our ERP people are trying to manipulate responses from Live Integration prices. So extra data can be send back.

This is the call I am refering too:

<GetEcomData ExternalUserId="x" AccessUserCustomerNumber="x" VatCountryCode="x" VatPostingGroup="">


    <Products type="filter" unitPrices="true">













What event do they need to hook into?

DynamicwebProductsPublisher – OnAddProductXmlNode have been tried without luck they say.

What event would they need to hook into to return more data back to me with this?
The flowchart is here, we cant seem to figure out which one.

Any hints?


Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Jan,

yes, you need to subscribe to this event instead: OnAddProductInfoXmlNode from the DynamicwebProductsPublisher.
That is the last called event in scope of this request processing per product.

So you could also consider other events that are called during this request processing (called in this order):

If you want to add some custom field to the response then OnAddProductInfoXmlNode is the right event to choose. The sample code for this event is available in our example project here.

BR, Dmitrij

Jan Sangill

Thank you. I will let them know and see if this helps.

Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Jan,
we already support adding custom field values for the Items by configuring that in BC UI so they will be present in the response withouty any extra development:

BR, Dmitrij

Jan Sangill

Hi Dmitriy,

Already using this. In this case I need in my response in regards to live prices to get even more prices back for the same unit. This can not be done here:)


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