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importProductProperties not working

Michael Knudsen

Hello forum,

- in a DW9.13.12 solution with integration to BC (cloud) with plug-in unit version: are we trying to get some product properties with a request like:

<GetEcomData><tables><Products type="all" setLanguage="LANG2" importProductProperties="true"/><RelatedProducts type="all" /></tables></GetEcomData>

However, when the import job run, it create the produktcategory 'ImportedNAVItemAttributes' but no of the fields are visible even they are in database?  

Checking the following tables in Firehose and the fields fields are created:
<table tableName="EcomProductCategory">
<table tableName="EcomProductCategoryTranslation">
<table tableName="EcomProductCategoryField">
<table tableName="EcomProductCategoryFieldTranslation" />
<table tableName="EcomFieldOption" />
<table tableName="EcomFieldOptionTranslation" />
<table tableName="EcomProductCategoryFieldValue">

Br. Michael Knudsen


Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Michael,

could you check if it is a caching issue? So can you restart the website and check?
Does it have a correct language id?
BR, Dmitrij

Michael Knudsen

Hello Dmitriy,

- website have been restarted, but it didn't have any impact. Default language is "LANG2" so that have been double checked.

However, I have been looking closer at the XML, and for some reason is there no translation of the "EcomProductCategoryField" fields in "EcomProductCategoryFieldTranslation"?
When I compare other product category fields (created manually), are they available in the "EcomProductCategoryFieldTranslation".

  <table tableName="EcomProductCategoryField">
    <item table="EcomProductCategoryField">
      <column columnName="FieldId"><![CDATA[ImportedNAVItemAttributes_1]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldCategoryId"><![CDATA[ImportedNAVItemAttributes]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldTemplateTag"><![CDATA[ImportedNAVItemAttributes_1]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldType"><![CDATA[7]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldDefaultValue"><![CDATA[]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldPresentationType"><![CDATA[1]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldDoNotRender"><![CDATA[false]]></column>
      <column columnName="FieldHideEmpty"><![CDATA[false]]></column>
  <table tableName="EcomProductCategoryFieldTranslation" />


Br. Michael Knudsen


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