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Importing Sales Orders from Business Central Online - IF V2

Niklas Malmqvist


We have set up a connector between an instance of  Dynamicweb 9.10.0 and an instance of Business Central online. We are able to query data via the DynamicwebConnectorTestTool, such as Products and Customers. However, when we try to fetch order, the result is empty.

The test tool can generate a query for importing orders (which yields an empty result), but in the documentation there is no example request for importing orders:

The request I'm sending ("Orders Simple" from the test tool):

<GetEcomData Qty="10"><tables><SalesHeaders type="all" /></tables></GetEcomData>

The response I'm getting:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<tables version="" />


Any advice on how to make it work?


Kind regards,



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