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Dynamics 365 BC14 - CodeUnit installation

Umar Farooq


While installing Plugin on Dynamics 365 BC14 we are getting the following error 

"install-NAVApp : Could not install the extension Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit on tenant default due to the following error: You do not have the following permissions on CodeUnit 6211200: Execute.

To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server session ID: '68'.

At line:1 char:1"


Can you help on how to solve this?





Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Umar,
Are you installing the extension from the Runtime package downloaded from here?
Are you using the default license? Or a partner license?
Is it cloud or on-premise or docker-image server?

Regards, Dmitrij

Umar Farooq

Hi Dmitriy,

1- Yes we are installing the extention from the runtime Package download from exact location you sent.

2- I dont have info on License ? which license do we need and how to get one? nothing is mentioned about it in Documentation

3- Its On-Premise 



Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Umar,
Have you followed the explanation notes from the readme.txt file and
Run Business Central Administration Shell command using the Administrator permissions?
Have you completed the first step with running: Publish-NAVApp command without any errors?
Regards, Dmitrij

Umar Farooq

Hi dmitriy,

Yes Publish-NavApp command worked without any error But it throughs error while installing the app




Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Umar,
if it is published you can also install it from the BC Extensions Management page:

Click Install then Next:

Then click Install.
You need to be logged in with user that has a SUPER permission.

Regards, Dmitrij

Umar Farooq

Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for the Information. Will license has any effect on this if you have Partner License instead of default License?

Does ISV (who generates licenses) needs to Give Permission to the partner so he can add module to the license? 



Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Umar,
here is what MS says about the runtime packages:
The extension in a runtime package can then be installed on servers that do not have a developer license; the server only needs permissions to run the objects, but not to modify or insert them.
So your license needs to allow the objects in a range: [6211181: 6212180]
Regards, Dmitrij

Umar Farooq

Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for the information that info helped alot. I will ask our partner for updated license and will take it from there and will write back if needed.

Best Regards,


Dan Kristensen Hørlyck Dynamicweb Employee
Dan Kristensen Hørlyck

Hi Umar,

I have just published and installed our runtime package for BC15 on a clean on prem business central.

I only used the standard demo license you get when installing a developement business central environment from classic installation DVD.

I used the steps in the readme file Dmitriy mentioned above.

I was administrator when I ran Business Central Administration Shell and my user had 'SUPER' permission set in Business Central.

Your next steps

  1. Ask the administrator of the Business Central server to publish and install the app or
  2. Ask the administrator to give you a user with SUPER permission set or
  3. Ask the administrator to give you a user with permission set which allows execute on codeunits in ISV ranges. I am not NAV/BC expect, but it looks like there is a permission set called "D365 BASIC ISV" or "D365 EXTENSION MGT"
  4. If none of steps 1 to 3 does not help please return. Then it looks like we need to create a support request.

Here are my steps using Business Central Administration Shell

PS C:\Windows\system32> Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC150 -Path 'C:\RuntimePackages\Dynamicweb_Dynamicweb Plug-In' -SkipVerification
PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-NAVTenant -ServerInstance BC150

ServerInstance                         : MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$BC150
DatabaseName                           : Demo Database BC (15-0)
DatabaseServer                         : ***************
DatabaseUserName                       :
State                                  : Operational
DetailedState                          :
DeletionState                          : Not deleted
IsInExclusiveAccessMode                : False
TenantDataVersion                      : 15.0.36560.36649
Id                                     : default
AlternateId                            : {}
AllowAppDatabaseWrite                  : True
NasServicesEnabled                     : False
RunNasWithAdminRights                  : False
EncryptionProvider                     : LocalKeyFile
AzureKeyVaultSettings                  :
DefaultCompany                         :
DefaultTimeZone                        : UTC
ExchangeAuthenticationMetadataLocation :
AadTenantId                            : common
ApplicationInsightsKey                 :
DisplayName                            :
EnvironmentName                        :
EnvironmentType                        : Production


PS C:\Windows\system32> Sync-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC150 -Tenant 'default' -Name 'Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit'
PS C:\Windows\system32> Install-NAVApp -ServerInstance BC150 -Name 'Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit' -Version

Please note: There are no error messages.

Here is my Server Configuration which shows ExtensionAllowedTargetLevel is 'Internal'

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-NAVServerConfiguration

cmdlet Get-NAVServerConfiguration at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
ServerInstance: BC150

key                                             value
---                                             -----
AllowSessionWhileSyncAndDataUpgrade             true
AmountOfSqlStatementsInDebugger                 10
ApiServicesEnabled                              false
ApiSubscriptionDelayTime                        30000
ApiSubscriptionExpiration                       3
ApiSubscriptionMaxNumberOfNotifications         100
ApiSubscriptionMaxNumberOfSubscriptions         200
ApiSubscriptionNotificationUrlTimeout           5000
ApiSubscriptionsEnabled                         true
ApiSubscriptionSendingNotificationTimeout       30000
AzureKeyVaultClientCertificateStoreLocation     LocalMachine
AzureKeyVaultClientCertificateStoreName         My
AzureKeyVaultClientId                           00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
BufferedInsertEnabled                           true
CalendarTwoDigitYearMax                         -1
ClientBuildRestriction                          WarnClient
ClientServicesChunkSize                         28
ClientServicesCompressionThreshold              64
ClientServicesCredentialType                    Windows
ClientServicesEnabled                           true
ClientServicesIdleClientTimeout                 MaxValue
ClientServicesKeepAliveInterval                 00:02:00
ClientServicesMaxConcurrentConnections          500
ClientServicesMaxItemsInObjectGraph             512
ClientServicesMaxNumberOfOrphanedConnections    20
ClientServicesMaxUploadSize                     350
ClientServicesOperationTimeout                  MaxValue
ClientServicesPort                              7046
ClientServicesProhibitedFileTypes               ade;adp;asp;bas;bat;chm;cmd;com;cpl;csh;exe;fxp;gadget;hlp;hta;inf;i...
ClientServicesProtectionLevel                   EncryptAndSign
ClientServicesReconnectPeriod                   00:10:00
CompileBusinessApplicationAtStartup             true
DatabaseName                                    Demo Database BC (15-0)
DatabaseServer                                  ******************
DataCacheSize                                   10
DebuggingAllowed                                true
DefaultClient                                   Windows
DeltaServiceClientTimeout                       00:02:00
DeveloperServicesEnabled                        true
DeveloperServicesPort                           7049
DeveloperServicesSSLEnabled                     false
DisableQueryHintForceOrder                      true
DisableQueryHintLoopJoin                        true
DisableQueryHintOptimizeForUnknown              false
DisableSmartSql                                 false
DisableTokenSigningCertificateValidation        false
DisableWriteInsideTryFunctions                  true
EnableALServerFileAccess                        true
EnableApplicationChannelLog                     true
EnableDataExportImport                          true
EnableDeadlockMonitoring                        true
EnableDebugging                                 false
EnableFullALFunctionTracing                     false
EnableLongRunningSqlStatementsInDebugger        true
EnableMultithreadedCompilation                  true
EnableSaveFromReportPreview                     true
EnableSaveToExcelForRdlcReports                 true
EnableSaveToWordForRdlcReports                  true
EnableSqlConnectionEncryption                   false
EnableSqlInformationDebugger                    true
EnableSymbolLoadingAtServerStartup              false
EnableTaskScheduler                             true
EncryptionProvider                              LocalKeyFile
ExtendedSecurityTokenLifetime                   0
ExtensionAllowedTargetLevel                     Internal
ExternalTraceLevel                              Error
IntegrationRecordsTableId                       5151
LegacyOptionCaptionResolution                   false
LockoutPolicyFailedAuthenticationCount          0
LockoutPolicyFailedAuthenticationWindow         0
LongRunningSqlStatementsInDebuggerThreshold     500
ManagementServicesEnabled                       true
ManagementServicesPort                          7045
MaxConcurrentCalls                              1000
MaxRowsToExportToExcel                          MaxValue
MaxStreamReadSize                               1000000
Multitenant                                     false
NASServicesEnableDebugging                      false
NASServicesRunWithAdminRights                   false
NavHttpClientMaxResponseContentSize             150
NavHttpClientMaxTimeout                         00:05:00
NetworkProtocol                                 Default
NonInteractiveSessionsLogRetainInterval         5.00:00:00
ODataEnableExcelAddInAnnotations                true
ODataMaxConnections                             0
ODataMaxConnectionsPerTenant                    0
ODataServicesEnabled                            false
ODataServicesMaxPageSize                        20000
ODataServicesOperationTimeout                   MaxValue
ODataServicesPort                               7048
ODataServicesSSLEnabled                         false
ODataServicesV3EndpointEnabled                  true
ODataServicesV4EndpointEnabled                  true
OverwriteExistingTranslations                   true
ReplaceReportExecutionTimeWithClientTime        true
ReportAppDomainIsolation                        true
ReportPDFFontEmbedding                          true
SearchTimeout                                   00:00:10
SecurityProtocol                                Tls12
ServerInstance                                  BC150
ServicesCertificateValidationEnabled            true
ServicesDefaultTimeZone                         UTC
ServicesLanguage                                en-US
ServicesOptionFormat                            OptionCaption
ServicesUseNTLMAuthentication                   false
SessionEventTableRetainInterval                 90.00:00:00
SOAPServicesEnabled                             false
SOAPServicesMaxMsgSize                          1024
SOAPServicesPort                                7047
SOAPServicesSSLEnabled                          false
SqlBulkImportBatchSize                          448
SqlCommandTimeout                               00:30:00
SqlConnectionIdleTimeout                        00:05:00
SqlConnectionTimeout                            00:01:30
SqlLockTimeoutOverride                          0
SqlLongRunningThreshold                         1000
SqlParametersByOrdinal                          true
SqlTracingAllowed                               true
TaskSchedulerMaximumConcurrentRunningTasks      10
TaskSchedulerSystemTaskEndTime                  23:59:59
TaskSchedulerSystemTaskStartTime                00:00:00
TokenSigningCertificateValidationMode           IssuerNameValidation
TraceLevel                                      Normal
TrustSQLServerCertificate                       false
UIElementRemovalOption                          LicenseFileAndUserPermissions
UseFindMinusWhenPopulatingPage                  true
UseIncrementalCompanyDelete                     false
UseSimplifiedFilters                            false
XmlMetadataCacheSize                            500

Here is my license to show that I am not running any special license

PS C:\Windows\system32> Export-NAVServerLicenseInformation

cmdlet Export-NAVServerLicenseInformation at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
ServerInstance: BC150
Microsoft Software License Information
Copyright (C) 2007-2018 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
VOICE Account Number    : *********
Licensed to             : Cronus
                          One Lone Tree Road

                          United States

Product Line            : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises
Product Edition         : Unspecified
Product Version         : 15
Country                 : United States
Language                : English (US)
Created Date            : 8/28/2019 12:26:15 PM (-07:00)
Expires                 : 8/25/2029
Configuration           : BC on Premises - Product Demo W1 v15
Name                                                                  Amount
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Country Code: W1                                                           1
Demonstration Basic Module                                                 1
Internal Named User                                                        2
Product Demo Customization Objects                                         1


Here are the installed apps [Edited result to only include Dynamicweb app]

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-NAVAppInfo

cmdlet Get-NAVAppInfo at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
ServerInstance: BC150

Id            : ca39f1d0-dbfd-4b00-b9b1-4b4fd1baa075
Name          : Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit
Version       :
Publisher     : Dynamicweb
ExtensionType : ModernDev
Scope         : Global

Umar Farooq

Hi Dan,

We followed all the steps you mentioned but none of them worked for us and ended up with same error. I wrote you an email ragarding this aswell.


Dan Kristensen Hørlyck Dynamicweb Employee
Dan Kristensen Hørlyck

Hi Umar,

Thank you for the email. I have read it and replied. I offer a short term workaround in my email. We are also working on a long term solution.


We are now working with Microsoft to get the add-on registered as an ISV module. We did not believe this was necessary since our app was validated for AppSource and since the object ranges we had reserved with Microsoft Dynamics where for both Online and On Premise installations. But it looks like it is indeed needed.





PS. If anyone else runs into this issue, then the fix is to ask a NAV partner to generate a license which includes Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit as an ISV module.

PSS. If this ISV module is unavailable, then raise a support ticket. We have a workaround.


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