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Creating to /file repository problem

anton Heimdal

Good day

I am setting up a solution on my local machine but I am running into a problem where I cannot create files repository. I have several times now deleted the solution cloned it again, setup IIS configuration but this issue still persists. When setting up the virtual directory I am careful to allow full permission for everyone to edit it like the instructions say. I am using the application version (9.9.8) if that is necessary information.

Here is an image of the error I am getting:

Thanks in advance.


Nicolai Pedersen

Your path to files is only relative - it has to be the full path. See the example below the input box.

You cannot use a unc path etc.

anton Heimdal

Same issue persists.

Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Anton

Well - it is a permission issue on your environment.

Have a look at this section in the installation:

Try changing your application pool identity to networkservice - should also fix your permission issue.

BR Nicolai

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