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User management

Gert Janssen

To collect registrations to the newsletter subscription we make use of the extranet module. This one creates a user in the system in the group ‘newsletter’. In case of an existing user, he/she will be placed within the ‘newsletter’ group. We do this so we can send use the marketing app mailings to send mails to allowed users in the group ‘newsletter’.

When doing this we encounter a number of challenges:

  1. For users it is not clear that an account is made. Which means that when a customer first registers for a newsletter and later on wants to register, they get a message that an account already exists.
  2. When a user is using multiple webshops on the same system, they don’t (and cannot) understand that they cannot create a new account on a secondary shop.
  3. In case a user should be registered via the principle that an admin should first allow the user to enlist, this can be avoided by first subscribing to the newsletter and later on request a password reset.
    This goes around the regular registration where we usually ask for more details, like VAT number, address information, phone numbers, etc.
    Especially on shops where a customer needs to be verified before he/she is allowed to order this is a large issue.

On the B2B sites we service from the Dynamicweb solution, we see this as a large issue. The user management is too basic for these kinds of setups and will leave us with big gaps we cannot close due to this.

In some cases the current setup might be more convenient.

Is there something on the roadmap for this, and if so, when? If not, when can you add this to the roadmap, as this becomes increasingly important for the high level customers we need to service with Dynamicweb.