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Some more common Facets in Swift

Justin Sjouw Dynamicweb Employee
Justin Sjouw

Hi There,

I have a request for a feature that in my experience a lot of customers will want to use. In a sense I think I'm asking for multiple features, but all around the same topic.

I find the current possibilities to define navigation and filtering are insufficient when dealing with some more categories and filter options.

Instead of describing every detail, I think this is a great example of what I would love to be able to setup without development in Swift.


  • I can first navigate to Tyres from the homepage (Parts>Tyres)
  • Parts > Tyres is shown as breadcrumb
  • Subcategories are shown first with the # products available in a certain subcategory
  • Drill down with filters which have the following possibilities
    • Limit a large facet list to a cetain amount of options with a "More" link
    • Search box to look for a filter option in a large facet list
    • A range slider (mostly used for price probably)
    • Colour picker

I can get a lot of bit's an pieces from this setup with the default swift options, but it does not feel complete yet.






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