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RMA custom fields and return tpes

Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar



We've been limited over the years to use the RMA because of how inflexible it is. The recent Notifications are great, but there are 2 major needs to adjust to our customers business rules:

  • Create/Edit Return types
    • We have 3 fixed types ("Return", "Defective", "Exchange") but some customers want to either
      • Rename them
      • Remove some
      • Add more
  • Create custom fields for the orderlines we're returning
  • Create custom fields for the RMA
  • Create RMA events


These additions would allow for a lot more freedom of the feature, which currently is really hard and/or requires a fair bit of customization, making it too costly to justify the ROI.


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar


Martin Moen

Especially return types, is it possible to change/edit/translate them now in 2024?