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Product Index Settings - SkipAllExtendedFields

Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar



We'd like to request that there's a "SkipOrders", "SkipCampaign", "SkipAssortments" and other more granular settings.


Currently we have "SkipAllExtendedFields" and that's very broad. According to the documentation in it's associated with common needs such as "IsVariant" and "AssortmentsIds" and less important ones such as "Orders" (the documenation is outdated, but it's doing that in code).


The need comes from B2B projects with large amounts of orders (+300K) where we don't need campaign or order data, but we need IsVariant. Currently the difference is <1min (SkipAllExtendedFields=False) to >6min (SkipAllExtendedFields=False) due to that high volume, and it will only grow.


I guess there's sometihng to say for a more granular control, specially for large catalogs where related data can be huge, but not everything is required for the index.


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar


Scott Forsyth Dynamicweb Employee
Scott Forsyth


I would like to add a vote to this too. We're seeing this impact a few of our sites with high index build time and high CPU due to reaching out to the orders table (which is large). We often don't need this extra data, so it would be great to opt out the fields that Nuno suggested.

Best Regards,



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