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Peter Leleulya
Peter Leleulya

Hi guys,

In the top of the global settings we have the PartnerEmail node.
This renders a clickable email address on the CMS login screen.
This is something we have always used to communicate our support email address to our customers / cms moderators.

Our support team wants to no longer activly communicate our support email address, but replace it with a link to a ticketing system.

Is there a way, or can there be added a way, to render a link in stead of an email address in the login screen under the "partner" title? 

And to be sure, does the PartnerEmail node have any other function than the display on the login screen?


Nicolai Pedersen

You can use the description field:

Though the link is not clickable....

The email is not used for anything else than displaying here.


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