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Incentive to up-sell in the cart based on existing discounts

Adrian Ursu
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

I am sorry, but I could not come up with a better title for the request :)

One of our customers has requested something that might be useful for upselling.

Basically, he requested that we would display in the cart a message when the cart is close to having a discount applied.
For example, if there would be a discount defined that if you buy 2 units of product X you might get Y% discount, and the user would have 1 unit of product X in the cart, the message should say "add one more unit of product X and you will get Y% discount".

I understand the logic might not be very easy to be implemented and there might be additional flavors of the message depending on the type of discount.

I have considered creating something custom but I am afraid it would be pretty inefficient. And since the cart is already parsed to see if there is any discount matching the cart, I was thinking that maybe you can add something in an "UpsellLoopMessages" if there is a partial match of the discount.

If there is any way we can create something custom (maybe using an Extender Provider) I would be happy to look into it. So far, I am not sure what we can do with these extenders.

Thank you,




Anders Ebdrup
Anders Ebdrup



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