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Handle NULL or empty fields when Exporting or importing

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

I have had some issues trying to migrate data between 2 Dynamicweb solutions using EcomProvider and/or DynamicwebProvider and Excel. 

My scenario is simple. I want to export some data from one solution and import it into another solution. Both jobs should run automatically and no human intervention should be needed.

The problem I have faced is related to the handling of NULL and Empty fields.

The Export fills any NULL fields with "NULL". This approach creates a few issues when trying to import.

On the other hand, when importing, if a field is empty and the destination field type is Int or Double, it is rendered an error.

Therefore, this is my feature request:

1. When exporting all NULL fields should be exported as Empty

2. When importing, it should be possible to set a default value in case the field is empty

 Thank you,





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