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Facets and Free text search setup made easier in DW10

Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar



One of my struggles getting new users to understand Queries and Facets, is in setting up filters and search.



I understand and love the ability to pick the query parameter and field and facet name separately, but that also less common than having them all be the same. What I loved about the "Search for Editors" was how easy it was to determine what field was associated with a free text search and would be a facet.


I wonder if we could have an in between, where some quick-setup templates would generate, for example, the facet by selecting a field, generating the query expression and facet assuming the default values, which we could then change if we needed to. That would help new users being able to create filters with far fewer steps. Maybe even behind the scenes it would create a custom index field to support it, which would then help making them analyzed/non-analyzed and even changing the type if needed.


Additionaly having the ability to choose the sorting of each facet would avoid some customizations. We could sort them by:

  • Label (asc/desc) - which could change by language
  • Value (asc/desc) - which would be the same for all languages
  • Amount of results (asc/desc)

This because sometimes customers want different behavior based on the filter.


Free text search

The same could be done for the free text search fields, where we would pick which fields would be used, and in turn that generates the query expressions. Obviously some assumptions would have to be made in terms of the operator, generating boost values based on user selection (similar to "Search for Editors").


Best Regards,

Nuno Aguiar


Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu


I am all in for optimizing the setup of the Index/Query/Facets. We also struggle sharing the knowledge with new users.



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