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Extranet password recovery email heading and sender

Jacob Søndergaard

When a user as for a password recovery - it could be nice if it was possible to change the email subject and email sender. It would be fine just doing it via the hidden input field at the recovery form. ATM the heading is just "Extranet password" and the sender is defaulted to 

Best regards 

Jacob Søndergaard @ DIS/play





Asger Munkholm Højfeldt

Hi Jacob,

We are talking about introducing "system emails" instead of the old way of sending emails to users. System Emails will be Emails from the Email marketing module where editors can control the entire email, content (pages) and headers etc. 

We haven't decided on this yet - but I guess on an introduction from 8.5. 

//Asger - Product Manager

Nuno Aguiar

Hi Asger,


If you guys are reavaluating things, how about taking into account:

 - reset VS recover password - make the user insert a new password generating a unique URL every time the user hits "reset password" (specially for encrypted passwords)

 - assign X time for reset, so the user cannot reset the password if he takes a lot of time to do so


Working with Login we also feel the need to:

 - authenticate by email, instead of username

 - be able to register (update) on multiple websites

    - the user does not know website X and website Y belong to the same Dynamicweb solution, and trying to register in the other website, we get the "username already taken" error



Asger Munkholm Højfeldt

Hi Nuno,

Your request about emails are taken into consideration. 

About registering on several websites - it is actually already made and will be no later than 8.4.


Morten Bengtson

Until a better solution is available, you can actually specify the mail subject and sender using hidden input fields...


<form action="<!--@DWExtranetAction-->" method="post">
    <!-- password recovery mode -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPassword" value="True" />
    <!-- alert confirm message -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPasswordConfirm" value="Your password has been sent to you by e-mail" />

    <!-- alert error message -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPasswordConfirmUserNotActive" value="Sorry, that user account is no longer active" />
    <!-- the sender e-mail address -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPasswordSenderEmail" value="" />

    <!-- the e-mail subject -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPasswordMailSubject" value="Your password to" />

    <!-- the e-mail template in Templates/Extranet/ -->
    <input type="hidden" name="ForgotPasswordMailTemplate" value="ForgotPasswordMail.html" />

    <!-- the user e-mail address -->
    <label for="Username">Your e-mail address</label>
    <input id="Username" name="Username" value="" />

    <input type="submit" value="Send me my password" />


Jacob Søndergaard

Ahhh very nice Morten - thank you so much. Why isn't this stuff in the documentation? and why doesn't the support team know about these things aswell :-)


Ah well - just happy I found a solution. 
Peter Bille Larsen

thank you Morten for this!

Hans Ravnsfjall
Hans Ravnsfjall

I need to alter this email. Is this still the only way to change subject and sender? Is there any way of changing the content of the email?




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