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Error when deactivated discount references active voucher list

Melissa Borgmann
Melissa Borgmann


I recently ran into an issue on a 9.13.3 Rapido solution where a deactivated discount was referencing an active voucher list, which threw the following exception error and prevented users from accessing the Ecommerce > Vouchers UI.

Since it's not called out in the documentation or UI to deactivate the referenced voucher list before deactivating the discount, I'd like to request one of the following solutions:

  • (Preferred) A warning message appears when deactivating a discount with an active voucher list that the voucher list must be deactivated or removed first. "This discount references an active voucher list, [VoucherListName]. Either remove the voucher list reference from the discount or deactivate the voucher list prior to deactivating the discount."
  • When a discount referencing an active voucher list is deactivated, the voucher list reference is removed from the discount record and / or the referenced voucher list is deactivated.

For anyone that runs across this in the interim, the fix is either to deactivate the voucher list directly through the database or you can temporarily change the discount to a voucher code vs. list, then you should be able to get into the Ecommerce > Vouchers UI to deactivate the referenced voucher list.

Thank you for considering!


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov

Hello Melissa,

I've tried to reproduce the issue on Swift solution based on last DW9.15.7 and was not able to catch it using regular (new) discounts as well as sales (old) ones (the exception seems to say about using sales(old) discount in your solution). Here is video about my check. So, try to upgrade your old admin version and\or try to use regular discount instead of old one not recomented to use currently.   

BR, Oleg QA