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Auto-delete task from database when converting to XML

Imar Spaanjaars Dynamicweb Employee
Imar Spaanjaars

Hi there,

Quite often we start with scheduled tasks in the database and then later convert them to XML. That current process is cumbersome:

1. Navigate to page X and find your task and open it
2. Click Save as XML
3. Click Close
4. Navigate to page X again and find your task
5. Open the old one (quessing which is which as they both have the same name)
6. Delete

It would be nice if step 2 asked if you wanted to delete the one from the database so you could skip the remaining steps.




Rasmus Sanggaard Dynamicweb Employee
Rasmus Sanggaard

Hi Imar,

I agree there is some problems with both naming and workflow here. I have noted it down so we in the future can find a better way of copying multiple scheduled tasks from database to files. 

For now, you can distinct whether they are files or database when opening them and seeing if the “Save to XML” button is present or not. If it’s in the database, the button is present. 

Rasmus Sanggaard


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