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EditableListBox not allowing email addresses longer than 36 characters

Imar Spaanjaars
Imar Spaanjaars

Hi there,

When adding a long email address in the "Send to others" editable list box for an order flow (under Settings | Ecommerce | Orders | Order flows, see dump) we get an error saying the address is invalid (Please use correct email format). I tracked down the issue to this file: /Admin/Extensibility/JavaScripts/MultipleValuesEditor.js which has this code:

link.writeAttribute('title', this.get_terminology().removeItem || '');
if (value.length > 36) {
  value = value.substr(0, 36) + '...';

It seems to clip the address and add an ellipses when it's too long. I think it should do that for presentation purposes only, but it's doing it to the actual value. By the time the address hits the validateEmail in EcomOrderState_Edit.aspx, the long address has been changed to something like "long-long-long-long-long-long... causing it to be an invalid address.

Short of asking the customer to use a shorter email address, are there any work arounds for this? We have a customer that needs to use that long address for some reason and this is blocking them from sending out the proper notifications.





Dmitriy Benyuk
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Hi Imar,
that is a bug, tfs# 52553 created. As a workaround you can fix it in the /Admin/Extensibility/JavaScripts/MultipleValuesEditor.js file:

 var truncatedValue = value;
        if (truncatedValue.length > 36) {
            truncatedValue = truncatedValue.substr(0, 36) + '...';


Regards, Dmitrij

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Kristian Kirkholt
Kristian Kirkholt

Hi Imar

The #52553 "editableListBox not allowing email addresses longer than 36 characters" has been fixed in version 9.4.16

You are able to find this build in the download section:

Please contact Dynamicweb Support if you need any additional help regarding this.

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt


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