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Data Integration - filter cross tables

Thomas Jensen


In Data Integration I'm trying to export some specifik orders

I'm filtring EcomOrders
OrderDate > {{DateDelimit||"@Code(System.DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1))"}}
OrderShippingMethodeId = Ship10

Now I want to also export the EcomOrderLines that belong to those orders
How do i filter EcomOrderLines/OdrerLineOrderID for the filtert EcomOrders/OrdreId?

Regards Thomas


Dmitriy Benyuk
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Hi Thomas,
you can use the Order provider as source provider and add EcomOrders and EcomOrderLines tables in the mapping. Then add conditions on the EcomOrders table. They should be applied on the EcomOrderlines table as well.
Regards, Dmitrij

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Thomas Jensen

Hi Dmitriy

I found that it dos not work in version 9.4.18
But testede it in a 9.6.6 and there it works, when using "Order provider" as source


Regrads Thomas


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