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Validation issue on CartV2

Kevin O'Driscoll


can anybody offer any help as we seem to be going round in circles at the moment.

We have recently upgrade a site from from DW8 to DW9 (9.7.1) and we are experience issues with the step validation on the shopping cart. Basically, the validation seems to be triggered but the user isn't returned to the correct step in the sequence when something fails the validation, they are simply returned back to basket.

Is this a know issue? And, is so, what is the fix?

Kind Regards,

Kevin O'Driscoll


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov

Hi Kevin,

I was able to reproduce the issue using old design, new TFS 70694 has been created to research and fix it, will be provided in an upcoming release. Thanks.

BR, Oleg QA 


Kevin O'Driscoll

Thanks for the response Oleg,

Does this mean we have to wait for the release or is there a hotfix or an update we can make now? Or will 9.7.2 fix it?



Kristian Kirkholt Dynamicweb Employee
Kristian Kirkholt

Hi Kevin

The problem was fixed in Hotfix version 9.7.4

You can find this in the download section

Let me know if you need any more help regarding this

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt



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