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Upgrade to 9.15.8 from 9.12.11 IronPDF

Kevin O'Driscoll

Hi we are updating features to our PDF creation system using Dynamicweb.Imaging.Providers.IronPdfProviders where we create product sheets and product catalogues from razor templates to output html to produce .pdf files.

When we add hyperlinks to the templates the links are rendered in the .pdf in parentheses as the screenshots attached.

This morning we spoke to IronPDF who tested our generated .html on their most recent version which rendered the .pdf as expected with working hyperlinks.

They advised us to ask Dynamicweb to upgrade their IronPDF to the latest version to fix this issue.


Kevin O'Driscoll



Catalogue_Sheet_A.jpg Product_Sheet_A.jpg


Morten Bengtson Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Bengtson

We are currently working on an upgrade to use the latest version of IronPdf. I think it will be included in the 9.16 release.

But I don't think the issue you are experiencing has anything to do with the version of IronPdf.

The links in the generated PDF will be displayed more or less as when you print in Chrome (CTRL + P), because print media is being used.

You can try to change your CSS to include styling for print media - @media print { ... your styling here ... }


Kevin O'Driscoll

Thanks Morten, will try this and look forward to the IronPDF upgrade.




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