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SortIndex attribute on code first items does not seem to work

Ben Doorn


I try to control the sequence of my elements within a code first itemtype. I have a code first item that inherits properties from a base item, the problem is then that the itemtype editor puts the properties of the base class at the bottom of the screen (and these are the most common properties). I expected to solve this by adding one property in the class that uses the same groupname as the properties from the base class that I wanted on top. The result is that indeed the correct group is displayed at the top. However altough I added [SortIndex(3)] to the new property it is still displayed above the properties from the base class that have Sort indexes of 1 and 2.

I would be very happy if this issue can be solved. However I would be much more happy if it becomes possible to add some kind of sequence to the groups, I realize this is difficult because the groups only exist in the items attributes, but maybe you can make it possible to add a priority parameter to the Group attribute and then within the editor generate the groups sorted by priotity. This will give us some kind of control over the item editor.

Kind regards,




Wouter Oonk

This problem is still present. Is it possible for this to be resolved?


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