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Some completed orders are marked as deleted (dw 9.10.13)

Jose Caudevilla


I have a dynamicweb solution with version 9.10.13. Our costumer has indicate to us that he could not find an order.


Searching the order id by Firehose SQL i find that the order has been set to deleted:


Setting the Ordercomplete value to false the problem is fixed.

Long time ago we had the same problem with another order.


It is posible that it is some kind of bug?

This problem appears since the solution was update to 9.10.13






Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Jose

There are only 3 ways the order can be set to deleted by Dynamicweb

  • When you cancel the order from order edit in backend (First reference below)
  • When you cancel the order from the order list in the backend (Second reference below)
  • Through the webapi calling /cancel with a post.

So I am pretty sure it is a user that somehow has cancelled the order and not a bug. Maybe a UX bug since the user apparently does this without wanting to!

BR Nicolai

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi Jose,

Can you check your Checkout Handler for payment?

We have seen a similar issue before when one of our Checkout handlers marked the order as Deleted because the card payment failed (or it was aborted). Instead of converting the order to a cart, it was marked as deleted. In our case, the Checkout handler was a custom code that we were controlling. Nothing to do with Dynamicweb code.



Jeppe Eriksson Agger Dynamicweb Employee
Jeppe Eriksson Agger

Hi all,

There is another option. The order can also be marked as deleted if the checkout flow is disrupted in a specific way.

Consider this scenario: The customer starts the payment step, opens a new tab and adds a new orderline to the order. Because the order is now substantially different from the original order, it should no longer be possible to complete the checkout. The original order is then marked as deleted, and a new cart is created from the old one. If completion of the order is attempted, there will be a message in the log saying that it's not possible to complete a deleted order.

I suspect that this could be what you're experiencing.

- Jeppe

Jose Caudevilla

Hi all,


Following the Jeppe steps i could not reproduce the bug.

I found that this problem is only happening with a custom credit card payment.

The operating flow of this TPV is that, when the user completes the payment with the credit card the TPV respond to the web by POST request.

Next the user can return to the website or close the window.

Because of that, our CheckoutHandler only generates the request to the tpv and redirect to the website in case of success or not. So i think this is not the problem.


This request contains the information of the transaction , if the paymment was success or not.

When the request is success the order is completed using this dynamicweb functions (i think this is the origin of the problem):

we have to update the orderId because when i call the updatecartToOrder function the original orderid changes.

Its weird because most of the times everything works fine.




Dynamicweb Employee
Jason Harwell

I just had the exact same issue reported by a customer who is on the exact same version 9.10.13 .  This customer also doesn't have a payment provider so I don't think that is the issue. They only use a simple On Account during checkout. The order had OrderDeleted = True without a person touching the order. 

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Jason

We just had a bug recently where we found out that having 2 instances of a cart module on the same page (or 2 dfiferent pages calling each other in the frontend) with different steps could cause changes to the instance.

So if you i.e. have a minicart that is using the cart app and not the cart model on the pageview, you have to ensure that page is not called during checkout.


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