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Sitemap cant detect "Shop" page

Emil Emerek

Im currently working on a project on DW version 9.13.4 and im trying to make a sitemap.
The problem im having is that the sitemap template cant find the "shop page". 
This means that i cant iterate through all the groups and product i have under the page "shop".
This template, we got from a supporter" was suposed to be fixing another problem, but didnt.

The problem in the template is listed in the screenshot, and is where is should find the page, but doesnt.

Any suggestion. 
Im aviable for a teams meeting to showcase the problem if needed.



Nicolai Pedersen

I think I made that template for your case.

Maybe this is a better way of discovery - instead of page.menutext starts with "shop":

if (page.NavigationSettings is object)

Emil Emerek

I tested the new if statement, but it still wont show the products from "shop".
Any other ideas ?


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