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ShippingMethod disappears from order after 9.6.3 upgrade

Arnór Halldórsson
Arnór Halldórsson



I've noticed that after upgrading one of our ecommerce solutions to 9.6.3 that Shipping Methods disappear from Orders when submitting the checkout form and proceeding to the payment step.

I've been able to narrow it down to the field EcomOrderDeliveryName, if that field is empty when the user submits the checkout form everything works as intended, but giving it a value will cause the shipping method to disappear from the order all together and we have no clue what shipping method was selected when it comes time to process the order.

Were there any changes made to the handling of delivery addresses in 9.6?


Best regards,

Arnór Geir


Brian Bolks

We also noticed the same strange behaviour with a order where shippingmethod is empty

Kristian Kirkholt
Kristian Kirkholt

Hi Arnór adn Brian

Could you please send a message to support: on how to reproduce the problem. Also please include an URL for the website.
We have testet on 9.6.4 with and without a setting in Shipping but it looks fine in checkout.
Perhaps there are no default setting in Settings -> Ecommerce -> Internationalization -> Country (Default Methods)

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt



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