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Itemtype value being URL encoded in 9.10

Frederik Rossen
Frederik Rossen

On one of our customers solutions, we save a json object to the values on a radiobutton list on an itemtype, and we used to be able to extract it cleanly through templatetags on the paragraph using it, but after the latest upgrade (9.10), it gets URL encoded (see images below)



How it looked in templatetags before: {"name":"Personal Recommendations for You","urlName": "GetUserRecommendations","mandatoryParameters": []}

How it looks in templatetags now: 


It took me a while to find this error after upgrading, but I've just used HttpUtility.UrlDecode() to extract the correct data again, but I was encouraged by a colleague to ask if this new behaviour is on purpose? Because I assume there are several other customers who might use some sort of special character in their itemtype values with the same issue once they upgrade.


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov
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The encoding issue is know one - already fixed by TFS 90580. The fix will be provided in upcoming DW9.10.1. I've checked your case on the version and was not able to reproduce it. 

BR, Oleg QA

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