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Integration Customer Center issue after 9.10 upgrade

Alexander Tømmerholen


We just did a upgrade to 9.10 and with the new liveintegration DLL. After we added the newest version of the liveintegration DLL we get the following error in Integration Customer Center.

An error occurred while attaching module (Dynamicweb.Frontend.Content) System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.DynamicwebLiveIntegration.Logging.Logger..ctor(Settings settings)
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.DynamicwebLiveIntegration.Logging.Logger.get_Instance()
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.DynamicwebLiveIntegration.IntegrationCustomerCenterHandler.RetrieveItemsListFromRemoteSystem(Template template, String callType, User user, Int32 pageSize, Int32 pageIndex, Int32& totalItemsCount)
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Integration.CustomerCenter.Renderer.GetLiveIntegrationContent(IntegrationCustomerCenterSettings& settings, IntegrationCustomerCenterPageSettings& pageSettings, Int32 paragraphId)
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Integration.CustomerCenter.Renderer..ctor(IntegrationCustomerCenterSettings& settings, IntegrationCustomerCenterPageSettings& pageSettings, Int32 paragraphId)
   at Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Integration.CustomerCenter.Frontend.GetContent()
   at Dynamicweb.Frontend.Content.GetModuleOutput(Paragraph paragraph, PageView pageview)

We can`t see any issues backend with the setup. Anyone got a clue to why this error occur ?



Dmitriy Benyuk Dynamicweb Employee
Dmitriy Benyuk

Hi Alexander,
that issue should be already fixed, so you need to download the latest version of the Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.DynamicwebLiveIntegration 5.0.3 package.
You can download it from Nuget and supply to the website bin folder.
Kind regards, Dmitrij


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