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Customized URLs for products

Bjarne Rosendal
Bjarne Rosendal

Hi there :)

We recently upgraded a shop from DW 8 to 9.
After we did that that, it appears that customized url's were reset somehow.
Anyways, we selected the settings that we believed the client used for eCommerce.

But it turns out, that while they were running DW 8, on the frontend they could access a product like this:
Well, with the new product structure, the product only seems to render with the user friendly url: 

They would like to not have a 404 thrown on the original url, but is that even possible not with DW 9 or will someone have to create a lot of 301 redirects in the system?


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Bjarne

Try to uncheck the below settings so they are not active. There is a difference between 8 and 9, so not all might be the same.

BR Nicolai

Bjarne Rosendal
Bjarne Rosendal

Hi Nicolai

Thanks for getting back on this one. 

We found that the solution from the start had two pages with the ecom module on it. /produkter and /shop.

This wasn't intentionally, so we solved it by url rewriting requests with /shop/produkter to just /produkter :)


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