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Anton Marinó Stefánsson



We have recentrly upgraded DW to 9.9.8. After upgrading we have faced some issues and they are happening for random admin users

These are some of the issues that we have noticed.

  • The focal point is automaticaly set when admin user adds an image in paragraph. It will always come back after the user tries to remove and then save the pargraph. 
  • Sorting Paragraphs does not work No error message. Just wont move
  • Copying paragraph returns the error Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ItemType_ParagraphContainer'. but the copy of paragraph is there when user signs out and then back in

The strange thing is that this is only happening for some users. But it looks like it is always the same users who experiance these issues.


Best regards,



Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Anton

Make sure your users empty their browser cache. (And I anticipate they use current browsers and not something old)

Automatic focal point does sound a bit like magic. I would explore if the description from the customer is correct or if they might experience something else...

Try the cache buster first, and see if you can get a recording of any of these things.

Thanks, Nicolai

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