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Download latest version of DW 10

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

Where is the right place rto get the latest DW10 version? The official location lists only old versions.

I understand that it is available on the Nuget but it would be useful to have a release archive in the official location as well.

If there is another suggested way of installing DW 10  please add the information on the doc site.

Thank you,

Thank you


Marie Louise Veigert

I haven't tried it yet, but maybe Jeppes guide in the last comment here can help you:

Carsten Boll Dynamicweb Employee
Carsten Boll

There are no official releases of DW10 which are not listed on the download page. The weekly snapshot available from nuget is as official as it gets :)

The install procedure is outlined here.


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