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XML Feed Extended template tags

Anton Marinó Stefánsson



We are trying to create a google rss feed page. We are trying to create a template tag in GeneralPageTemplateExtender.cs and for some reason we are not able to see this specific tag on this page but we can see it on other pages. The only diffrence that i can see is that this page has the content type text/xml. We have no problem with accessing template tags for the products that we are listing out to the feed. Anybody have an idea of how to fix this? 


Viktor Letavin

Hi could you please provide some more details, it would be perfect if you give part/whole extender you class and the temple where you are using the extender to get the tag. Also it could help if you describe how you created the page, does it have come paragraphs or may be restrictions etc.


Best Regards, Viktor.


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