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Wrong count statistics TotalProductSale

Vincent Gercke

We have a customer who is experiencing wrong values when using the statistics module in Dynamiweb and I've identified an issue:

This is the query which is executed (TotalProductSale.cs) as of now:

The first rows ProductAmount should be 4 and not 8. If I remove the left join from the query I get the correct result:

I've verified this manually by going through the orders in the administration and I believe the left join is causing the issue resulting in the count getting doubled.


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov


I've tried to check the issue on DW9.13.0 and had expected results without any impact to the request. Here is video about my check. Note the product quantity output by the request affects by LanguageID and can contain a product translations (I see your request is without the condition).

BR, Oleg QA

Vincent Gercke

Hi Oleg, 
Thanks! I've informed the customer that they can use the language selector to get the correct results for now.
BR Vincent


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