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Stop Extranet-module sending mails

Kurt Moskjær Andersen
Kurt Moskjær Andersen


I'm using the notification subscriber UserOnBeforeSave to check user creation with Google reCaptcha. This part is working fine, but I need to stop the Extranet-module from sending a notification mail to the user, if the validation from Google reCaptcha fails.

As far as I can see, there is no way of interrupting this flow and prevent the email being sent. Any ideas on how to create a workaround for this?

I'm using DW 9.7.2

Best regards
Kurt Moskjaer Andersen


Kurt Moskjær Andersen
Kurt Moskjær Andersen

Maybe the obvious solution is to subscribe to the UserValidated subscriber instead and just reject the user?


Nicolai Pedersen

Yes, add an error on the UserValidated arguments object - then the approval of the user will stop right there, and not create the user or send the email.

You know Dynamicweb has built in captcha - not in the reCaptcha form, but a more user friendly version?

"Activate antispam functionality" in security:


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