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Restore nuget package error - some versions is missing

Jesper Splidsboel

We have a DW installation (DW 9.6.6) and haven't made changes to this solution for a long time. We use DW nuget-packages and when I try to restore from nuget, some packages is missing.

An example is this package: Unable to find version '2.0.5' of package 'Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.CheckoutHandlers.QuickPayPaymentWindow'

If I browse for versions of this package (attachment) this version is removed. Why do you remove packages, so my build breaks ? How do I fix my solution, should I upgrade the packages and hope that this version have no changes that will break my code, or stop using the packages from nuget and create a static reference to the assembly ?

I don't think it's best practice to remove packages(versions) or am I wrong ?

This time 4 packages is missing, can I expect same problem in the future ?   




Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Jesper

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Sometimes we unlist packages - we do that if they contain things that you do not want in production - security issues or (regressional) bugs that are causing bad problems for you. Unlisting is a nuget package is a feature that can be used in these cases - read more here:

We understand that it can cause some upgrade problems - but it is to avoid worse problems in your production.

If you have explicit references to a specific version of a package, restore should work on them even though they are unlisted. Your Nuget client (part of your visual studio) has also changed behavior over time related to this, so exactly how it behaves depends on your local nuget version and if your are using packages.config or package references (new format). Ensure to install the latest nuget client.

You can try this - which will re-download and re-install packages:

Update-Package -reinstall

We do whatever we can to avoid unlisting - we know it is annoying and causes frustrations.

Also new projects using package references (instead of packages.config) should automatically fix reference issues. See this one:

Also you can find information on troubleshooting restore of nuget packages here:

If you have issues getting your packages to update, we can schedule a teams session to help you sort the issue out. Let me know!

BR Nicolai


Morten Bengtson Dynamicweb Employee
Morten Bengtson
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Hi Jesper,

We migrated from MyGet to NuGet back in March 2019. Due to some limitations in MyGet we unfortunately lost a few packages at that time.
This should never happen again because packages cannot be deleted from NuGet. Packages can only be unlisted (hidden), but you will still be able to install them.
The easiest way forward might be to make a clean install of 9.6.17 (which should be safe) or use this as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest version.

Best regards,

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Jesper Splidsboel

Ok, so the problem with deleted packages is only a problem on versions older than march 2019 ? I can find my dll´s from a full installation of DW and accept that these packages won't use nuget on this project.


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