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NotificationSubscriber - Cart line removed

Nicklas Vilster


I have an issue, where the subscribe made for Ecommerce.Cart.Line.Removed (DWN_ECOM_CART_LINE_REMOVED) is not getting triggered when we use a cart cmd.
We have a notification subscriber for the "add" which works perfectly fine.
The site is running v.9.10.9 with Rapido.

The "add" which works are almost identical.

    internal class CartLineRemoved : NotificationSubscriber
        private readonly CartLineService _cartLineService;

        public CartLineRemoved()
            _cartLineService = new CartLineService();

        public override void OnNotify(string notification, NotificationArgs args)
            Ecommerce.Cart.Line.RemovedArgs removedArgs = args as Ecommerce.Cart.Line.RemovedArgs;

The button for removing an order contains the following onclick: Cart.UpdateCart('miniCartContent', '/Default.aspx?ID=6308', 'CartCmd=DelOrderLine&key=OL46177&redirect=false', true)

Is there anything I'm missing, or should this not work as-is?


Imar Spaanjaars Dynamicweb Employee
Imar Spaanjaars
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Is it because your class is internal? That would hide it from Dynamicweb and therefore it will not be considered as a subscriber..


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Nicklas Vilster

Yes that is it, it makes a lot of sense!

Thank you 


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