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Live integration code bug

Cristina Santos

When using v2 of LiveIntegration 2.X.X  and DynamicWeb 9.8.6  we were having a bug with liveprices at FetchProductInfos in Product/ProductManager.cs class.

After a previous request with a positive result results were cached and following requests without prices FetchProductInfos would return false due to isLastResponseValid been true.

We commented the follwing to make it work...

//if (IsLastResponseValid())
                // No need to read cache
            //    return false;


This is the code we implemented

private static bool IsLastResponseValid()
            FetchProductInfoResult fetchResult = null;
            if (ProductCacheLevel == CacheLevel.Session)
                var cacheKey = GetCurrentUserProductInfoCacheKey();
                object value = Context.Current.Session[cacheKey];                if (value != null)
                    fetchResult = value as FetchProductInfoResult;
                var pageId = PageView.Current().ID;
                if (FetchProductInfoPageCache.ContainsKey(pageId))
                    fetchResult = FetchProductInfoPageCache[pageId];
            }            if (fetchResult != null && !fetchResult.Response && fetchResult.Executed.Subtract(DateTime.Now).Minutes < 5)
                return true;
            }            return false;

Is there something wrong with this implementation?



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