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Implementing a new payment method

Tomas Gomez


We need to implement a new payment method. It is a standard payment gateway working with requests in C# or PHP, and responses in JSON.

In the payment method configuration, there are some settings not explained in the documentation: Code, Terms code and Terms. We guess those settings could be used to avoid creating a custom payment provider (if possible, for simplicity).

What are those settings for? Could them be used to call a function that triggers the payment process? If so, how should we use them to ensure security along the process?

If not possible, do we need to create a custom payment provider? What are your suggestions about it?



Nicolai Pedersen

You need to create a custom "Checkouthandler" in C# - the requests and responses to and from payment gateways are usually in json, some older ones XML, and both is supported by .net, so that will not be a problem.

The fields you refer to is related to ERP integrations on payments.

When you create a checkouthandler, it is a Dynamicweb configurable addin - which will create the fields you need.

Attached you can find all our providers - then you can use those as the baseline.

BR Nicolai


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