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DWAPI Create User

Umar Farooq


When creating a new user through DWAPI /dwapi/users/create I cant seem to find a way to add password ? do i have to approach it differently?



Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Umar

Yes, you cannot do that. Neither should you be able to since password security these days is extremely important, so setting a 'known' password is off limits if you want to create secure solutions that will meet security requirements.

So when a user is created, they should receive an email with information about how to set a password (so they will be the only one knowing it). You can only do that currently using the users app on a page - this is missing from the webapi currently and should be added.

Also this is a public api and anyone could create a user and a password if it was open, so it cannot be...

So options for now

  1. Let users set the password on a regular page using recover feature
  2. Use some kind of direct access to the database to create a password, encryptet or not

BR Nicolai

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