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Cybersource: No transaction number sent

Cátia Torego

I am using Cybersource payment method with an embedded iframe. For some users it started to return an error when trying to load the iframe. 

In the front end the iframe is never loaded and I can see the following error in the order log "No transaction number sent to callback" (image attached)

Even after clearing the cart and trying to do a new order the issue persists. 

Could this be something Cybersource is not sending over? Should there be a check for a transaction number when the iframe is just loading and the payment is not being made yet? 


DW version 9.6.6


cybersource_error_on_order_logs.png cybersourse_settings.png


Viktor Letavin


According to the error message I can say that it is error when the payment is created, but cybersource returned message without transaction id, if you can provide some additional info from business center about the transactions and their security acceptance?

Also I suspect the error "No transaction number sent to callback" cannot be thrown without loading frame for filling the cusromer address, I have some doubts, but to help you we need more information.


BR, Viktor.

Cátia Torego

Hi Viktor,


Thanks for your response. I was given access to the CyberSource business center recently and it turns out it was an error on CyberSource side.


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