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Custom Shipping Provider AddIn

Allan Roel


I'm trying to implement a custom shipping provider to an installation of DW, a provider where you select pickup location in the cart etc.. I'm struggling to finde any example of how this is done, using the ShippingProvider AddIn

I'm hoping some kind soul in the DW community has a working example on how this is done.

Any help here is greatly appreciated

Best regards



Imar Spaanjaars Dynamicweb Employee
Imar Spaanjaars

Does it have to be a custom provider? Dynamicweb has Click & Collect in the box:

Otherwise, you can download the code of the existing providers here: Maybe those give you some ideas on where to start.



Allan Roel

I'm sorry i did not express myself clear enough, what i mean by pickup points is that the shipping firm ships packages to customers or a pickup point near the customer.

therefore the custom provider, and we want to be able to use it by creating the shipping options in the backend of DW, and selecting this firm as the shipping provider, as you would with FedEx, UPS, PostNord etc.

Thank you for the provided resources I belive it is what we are looking for.




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