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AccessUserAddress call for every user you can impersonate causes slow login

Mikkel Hammer
Mikkel Hammer


We have a solution where when we log in as a person who can impersonate, there is a db call being made which is made for every user you can impersonate:

In this scenario, the logged in user can impersonate 7678 users.
Which results in a slow login because the call is being made for each user.

The list of users the person can impersonate is a query if that changes anything.

i've attached the debug=true result as a txt file, which you can change to .html if you want to have a look.

Is this call something that is necessary, and if not, something that can be toggled off?

Best regards,
Mikkel Hammer



Anders Ebdrup
Anders Ebdrup

It seems to be caused by a check like this:

if (Pageview.User.SecondaryUsers.Count > 0)

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Sent to QA for verification.

Dynamicweb Employee
Stanislav Smetanin
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Hi Mikkel,
Do you probably use the Rapido templates?

In Rapido templates (..\Files\Templates\Designs\Rapido\MasterBlocks\ImpersonationBar.cshtml) we do next check to verify that User has secondary users (impersonation check):

    if (Model.CurrentUser.ID > 0 && Model.SecondaryUsers.Count > 0)

Model.SecondaryUsers fills the collection of user models, so it could take a lot of time.

We can use Model.HasSecondaryUsers instead of it. It should work fast. So, instead of code above, we can do something like this

    if (Model.CurrentUser.ID > 0 && Model.HasSecondaryUsers )

I have added to this message the attachment with fixed ImpersonationBar.cshtml template for the case if you use the Rapido.

Kind regards.

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Mikkel Hammer
Mikkel Hammer

Hi Stanislav,

Yes it is indeed a rapido template, and HasSecondaryUsers seems to work as intended :)
Thanks a lot for the quick response!

Best regards,


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