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/dwapi/frontend/navigations/{areaId} returns hidden page with property ShowInMenu: true



As title says im wondering why /dwapi/frontend/navigations/{areaId} returns hidden page with ShowInMenu as true. When requesting the api im using IncludeFoldersAndHidden=true but I want to hide hidden pages from the navigation manually via the property ShowInMenu.

Is the behaviour intended? In which case, how would you recommend I got about this?




Jeppe Eriksson Agger Dynamicweb Employee
Jeppe Eriksson Agger

Hi Joakim,

I may not understand the issue clearly, but the way I read your post, it looks like the endpoint is doing what it was supposed to: you specify you want hidden pages and get hidden pages.

Can you elaborate on the issue?

- Jeppe

Joakim Sjöbäck

Yes the endpoint returns hidden pages, but every page has the property ShowInMenu, regardless if i include IncludeFoldersAndHidden=true the property should properly display the value? e.g /Start has "Hide in menu", so the property ShowInMenu should return false? Currently it returns true.

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Joakim

Confirmed bug, devops # 15285

I made the fix and it is awaiting approval.


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