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Place product pages in root

Caro De Weze


At 'Customized URLs' I can choose to place all pages in the root. Is there also an option to only do this with product pages?




Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Caro

On the products page, you can choose not to include "/products" when generating product group and product URLs:

On that same "Products" page, you can play with the settings for group and product URLs:

Using these 3 settings, you can change URLs from containing the full path, to contain only the last part:

  • /products/group/ -> /group (Using the setting 'Do not include URL in subpage URLs')
  • /products/group/sub-group -> /sub-group (Using Groups->Root path)
  • /products/group/sub-group/my-product -> /my-product (Using Products->Root path)
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