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Page shortcut not working if Enable Statistics is disabled

Mafalda Correa
Mafalda Correa


This seems like a really weird one, but I found out that the page shortcut redirects stopped working if I turned off Enable Statistics under Tracking.

See the repro here:

I tested in 9.10.11 and 9.10.9. both with the same result.

Thank you


Ben Doorn

Still an issue in V9.10.14. Can you please detach the page redirects from this deprecated functionality.

Kind regards,


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov


I've created 5203 against the issue. I hope it will be fixed in next DW release. Thanks for observing.

BR, Oleg QA

Kristian Kirkholt Dynamicweb Employee
Kristian Kirkholt

Hi Mafalda and Ben

Bugfix #5203 has been fixed in Dynamicweb version 9.12.3

You can get this version from download section

Sorry for any inconvenience

Kind Regards
Dynamicweb Support
Kristian Kirkholt


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