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"Load all" not loading all anymore

Scott Forsyth Dynamicweb Employee
Scott Forsyth


After upgrading from 9.8.x to 9.10.7, the Load All functionality doesn't work correctly. There was a CSS update provided in 9.10.8 that fixed one issue, but our customer has reported a few other situations where Load All is not working. Below are the screenshots and notes that they provided:


Here are the screenshots of the few places I’m running into the Load All issue on prod/sandbox/dev admin. I believe the errors are only occurring within paragraphs. Let me know if you need clarification!

  1. On page properties: adding a related page and selecting that page from the page icon -> the “Load All” does not load more pages and instead acts as a page itself.



  1. Uploading or selecting an item from Files within a paragraph



  1. Copying paragraphs to a different page: hitting Load All results in the following error page.