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Export and re-import content for Language translators

Kevin O'Driscoll

In DW 8.9 there was an option to export site content for translators and re-import the content into a newly cloned website.
In DW 9.7.7 there is no such option.

What is the best practice for doing this in DW 9.X? Using a Content providor and export to an .xlsx file? How to do it in DW and how to re-import?
Would that get all Page/Paragraph content as well as ItemType content? Translation.xml files should be straight forward I guess?

Is there a preferred way to do this?

this forum post is a little old:

Thanks v much



Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Kevin

Yes, import export using the content provider is the best option. We have no better ways I am affraid...

BR Nicolai

Kevin O'Driscoll

Thank Nicolai, thought as much




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